[foaf-protocols] methods discarded by history, ripe for plucking?

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Thu Dec 23 01:32:54 CET 2010

As we revisit assumptions, I cast around for older technologies that were
politically-outdated, politically-sabotaged, or just plain reflections of
the politics of times gone by. One can look at: outmoded crypto (as seen
through the lens of history), and at social structures suited to (large)
populations in transition.


IPsec policy management


In my speciality, I see folks revisiting the topic of "multi-level security"
-- not seen or heard of for a double-decade. So, I had a good look at the
writing/phrasing of the era when folks were just still cognizant of the
issues that the MLS technology set addressed. Remember Photuris? (And the
great whale of IPsec for all?) Well
http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-ipsec-photuris-03 was abandoned after
some nasty policking, in favor of NSA-based conceptions of security policy
management for huge telematic infrastructures. 

Photuris focussed on (D)DOS, and it's interesting to look back on the
rationales of the day - when memory/CPU was much more scarce than today. I
cast my eye too over the coding of that original IPsec world, as written by
those who conceived of the world of global IPsec (trounced by SSL). The very
code style reveals how folks thought (some of which what was "selectively
stated" at the time, but time allows the observer to now see).


In many ways IPsec failed to become global because it assumed IPv6 and
IPv6-only methods of address discovery , authority discovery and path
discovery. Of course, in the real world we are still fiddling with Ipv4, and
the typical rats nest of legacy management that essentially ties us to the
chaotic, unmanaged web.


Standard categories and Social streaming


back to the 50s and 60s social studies: manage size in an era of mass change
by categorizing (rather than pandering to individual egos and the
socially-disruptive desire for personally-crafted burgers). I may need to go
find my little red book.to ensure I only express right-think.




Rather than only looking for inner wisdoms presumed to found in the
mysteries of the 3000 year old ancients, there seems something to learn from
recent memory of times when more modern folks when through identity
transitions - such as the British 50s youth's dumping of Churchillian
notions of self-serving empire and duty to established order.

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