[foaf-protocols] is webid protocol a layer that can be designed as a component, for web services?

peter williams home_pw at msn.com
Sun Dec 26 17:37:24 CET 2010

Worth studying some 2010-era conceptions of TLS, that go beyond 1994-era
https (as amended for 15 years).




Quite a few new conceptions, there. Will need to be careful of patents, or
find the prior art of course. 


For example, many commodity SSL  implementations don't apply the
architectural capability to reverse the channel direction - so a initiating
client can act as the responder role. One sees in the link the notion of
mutual TLS. While this may or may not be what some of us did when reversing
the flows on record layer, one can rapidly see that there are Many
opportunities for webid protocol that  go beyond the commercial marketing of
client certs from the browser vendors (that has not changed much since




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Subject: [foaf-protocols] is webid protocol a layer that can be designed as
a component, for web services?


In conceiving of the webid protocol, perhaps its formulation, its definition
technique, it specification language and its notation design should be
selected with a view to it being a provider - for web services in the semweb



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