[foaf-protocols] FOAF+ssl with Safari...

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Wed Jan 13 20:49:24 CET 2010

Some very interesting news that should point towards improved ssl support in browsers:
"Google flips default switch for always-on Gmail crypto" article on The Regiter
It can't be far behind that client side certs get used. And since Google controls a browser...

On 13 Jan 2010, at 19:24, Michael Andronov wrote:

> Bruno -
> Thank you very much for a speedy reply.
> My major concern was that may be I did something wrong or missed
> something in the settings...
> Seems like it is more an issue with the 'Safari nature' rather then
> with my settings...

What we need to do next is for broken browsers such as Safari, to default to OpenId+foaf login.
The idea here would be to replace OpenId Attribute exchange with RESTfull content negotiated foaf files.

What do we need to move away from OpenID attribute exchange?

> I guess, I have to use another browser for a while, if I would like to
> use FOAF+ssl... :)

We need to think of OpenId as the stop gap for broken browsers. :-)

> Regards,
> Michael...
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