[foaf-protocols] ruby implementation

Henry Story henry.story at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 18:15:54 CET 2010

Hi Tyler,

On 19 Mar 2010, at 12:11, Libby Miller wrote:
> On 19 Mar 2010, at 10:54, Henry Story wrote:
>> For this you need an RDF library too, to parse the various formats  
>> of RDF: rdf/xml, rdfa (html), turtle...
> This is probably the tricky bit - I've not found any very complete  
> Ruby RDF libraries. With help from Damian Steer I've been using jruby  
> and jena, which is working very nicely (and is very easy in fact), but  
> using jruby puts some limitations on the ruby gems you can use, I think.

I have asked around a bit on Twitter.

Some leads are 


   This is new and very minimal but there is a long post there which is clearly written by someone who has done some research. So your best bet would be to go ask him perhaps.


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