[foaf-protocols] replacing email with atom and foaf+ssl

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Mon May 3 23:12:16 CEST 2010

On 3 May 2010, at 22:02, Nathan wrote:

>>> All in all:
>>> Sounds feasible and pretty much fully spec'd if going down the atompub
>>> route, perhaps linked data + sparql/sparul/pubsubhubbub is the long term
>>> route but I'm quite sure it would take a bit more work to both implement
>>> and encourage adoption. Brining the REST and Linked Data communities
>>> together is critical though, and can only be a good thing for the future
>>> of the web.
>>> Thanks for bringing this to the table Henry,
>> Thanks for the feedback, and helping me clarify.
> My primary question - in order to get on and start prototyping - is what
> to use as the property to link a webid to the atompub container(s).

Not sure you need this to start prototyping, though it would certainly be
a useful relation.

All you need is a link in the foaf to a ping endpoint. And I think we are just
waiting for Sebastian Dietzold to publish that.

What the publisher needs to do is ping the agents he is sending the 
'mail'/entry to. He knows their WebId. All he needs to do is look there to find
the ping endpoint, and send a ping. We may need something a little more advanced
than ping, but not much.

Does that help?

> on second thoughts, I'd like to negate the container(s) above with
> preference going to a single notification stream per webid / persona
> which they can subscribe to from a variety of clients and devices.
> fully agree though, this is something that can be adopted very quickly
> and will have huge benefits. the costs of adopting are negligible
> compared to the benefits.
> any other details needing covered?
> Best,

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