[foaf-protocols] Lots of confusions ...

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Tue May 18 16:07:42 CEST 2010

On 18 May 2010, at 14:43, Seth Russell wrote:

> My app stopped working for me yesterday.  It may have been when i went to
> http://webid.myxwiki.org with the intent to get an alternate foaf identity
> (and document) that i could put my email address in.  Oh well, i ended up
> with another id, and another certificate in my browser, but i can't find the
> foaf document.  Perhaps it is some other kind of WebId.  Anyway it is:
> http://webid.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/SethRussell#me and there is an
> alternate certificate in my FireFox browser for that.  


You are using a profile that is in RDFa, ie, the RDF is inside the html.
you can use rapper to see that http://librdf.org/

by running 
$ rapper -i rdfa http://webid.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/SethRussell#me  -o turtle

Or using 

I think there is another php service to show you that, but I am not sure where anymore.

> Now foaf.me will
> select that one when it goes to my app.  But sometimes not.  Sometimes
> foaf.me logs me in as http://foaf.qdos.com/flickr/people/85874446@N00#me
> ... which looks real wierd and not like me at all.  

That is a bug on foaf.me. 
I should look at the code there sometime to work out what is the problem. 
This seems to be happening quite regularly, and I suspect this is an issue with not keeping graphs separate.

> And once foaf.me loged
> me in as  http://norman.walsh.name/knows/who#norman-walsh who apparently
> doesn't even know i exist.


> Somtimes foaf.me takes more than 38 seconds to log me in, does not give me a
> choice of certiicates, and responds with:
>   No profile discovered for this WebID
>   http://webid.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/SethRussell#me<http://webid.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/SethRussell#me>

Yes, foaf.me is probably no longer such a good example service anymore.
It relied I think on some external services. These may not be RDFa aware. Perhaps this is another reason to create RDF/XML profiles for the webid.myxwiki account?

> Other times at foaf.me i get logged on as
> http://foaf.qdos.com/flickr/people/38507085@N08#me  and it does show my
> profile for http://foaf.me/seth#me
> I guess, when i do choose the certificate for foaf.me/seth it logs me in
> correctly and my app works, but when when i choose the other certificate
> issued by the webid wiki, which i guess does not have an associated foaf rdf
> document, foaf.me gets confused.

Thanks a lot for this feedback. We need to get some of these basic pieces working here, or else people will wonder if we are not making all this up.

> You don't know what's happening here, do you Mr Jones.

There are a few bugs on the foaf.me mailing list.


> My app: http://www.speaktomecatalog.com/login.php

By the way for php and rdf the library most people use seems
to be



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