[foaf-protocols] Disclosing information to a web app from secret parts of our profile

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Tue May 18 21:52:30 CEST 2010

On 18 May 2010, at 20:46, Seth Russell wrote:

> Even if foaf+ssl is still at the proof of concept stage, i'm troubled that i
> cannot find where a user is to manage the disclosure of information from a
> private part of their profile?    Perhaps for my simple spin to win app, i
> don't really need it.  But i am building an entire customer relationship
> where, in this modern TiVoed world, one should expect to provide the
> information for say a billing form, (like
> http://www.speaktomecatalog.com/billing.php )  only once.   How is that
> information to be made available from a person's foaf profile in a user
> friendly, yet secure,  manner?
>> From a web developer's point of view, will it be quite so easy as ...
> $foaf = new EasyRdf_Graph($_SESSION['customerIdentity']);
> $customer = $foaf->primaryTopic();
> $_SESSION['address']=$customer->get('foaf:address');
> Then a window would pop up asking the customer whether she will allow the
> disclosure of this information from her profile.

Seth, I sketched one answer to such a solution in


You are to imagine going to a photo printing site where you have never been
before. A relation in your foaf file points the server to a space where you
can let your server know what photos (any resource will do) to make to the
Photo printing service (identified also by WebId).

The information is then returned (via a POST or drag and drop or something)
to the photo printing service.

We have not yet had any advanced Access controled foaf to do this. Perhaps 
I should try it out, using the very simple Apache ACLs we have and see how that would

Is there something there you think is fundametally broken? (before I try it out)

> Does the foaf+ssl project plan for this dialogue to happen?  Is not
> extensive profile information not already provided by a facebook or a
> twitter or a google log in? Is there a demo page where we can see this
> happening?  Is there a user friendly page where we can add secret
> information to our profiles?  Should i shut up and go away?
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