[foaf-protocols] getting the certificate to work on first useage

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Thu May 20 14:28:32 CEST 2010

On 20 May 2010, at 12:49, Nathan wrote:

> Obviously not having access to the server I can't tell whether it's attempting to dereference or not (ie issue creeping in before GET), or whether the issue is with intermittent RDFa parsing failure (which would be strange I guess).
> A very possible option is that IDP server is hitting a router or software controlled firewall so often that it's triggering a rule that bans the server from contacting xwiki server for 5 minutes. (and using acached response until it manages another successful GET ?)

thanks Nathan.

fixing RDFA

I am trying to fix the rdfa generated by XWiki now, to at least discount rdfa parsing issues, or find a bug in the parser.

One lesson from this is that RDF/XML may be a better format for something like XWiki to create. Editing velocity scripts is not easy, and it can just too easily be broken by someone who wants to change the UI in a minor way. Also a lot of the velocity scripts are all over the place, meaning that to hunt down the different parts that generate a page is not easy.

( As an example, right now I am trying to work out how to stop <p> appearing where I don't want them, as that messes up the <div> that then appears inside, but should appear outside. The wiki framework can make adding a newline somewhere have such a <p> appear. Pretty nightmarish.)

To get RDF/XML going though I would need to hack content negotiation into XWiki, and I don't feel like doing that just yet, though it may not be that difficult, and certainly it would be a lot more secure. But I'd rather do that from their offices in Paris.


It is possible that there is a caching issue, though we don't use caches on foafssl.org. I will add functionality later so that we can keep a copy of every file fetched. This will allow us to see what we are getting, and verify if the issue is there. I will need to do that to test the rdfa parser.

Clearly, it is important to put safeguards at every place in such a server, if one wants to be able to find bugs easily.

Thanks for your feedback Nathan.... Sorry to have left this open for so long. I was hoping it would dissapear, and that technique does not seem to work well with bugs ;-/



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