[foaf-protocols] adding Ping to Simple WebID based Resource ACL

Nathan nathan at webr3.org
Fri May 21 20:57:12 CEST 2010

Story Henry wrote:
> On 21 May 2010, at 12:50, mike amundsen wrote:
>>> You're now added to the ACL list.
>> and it works like a champ!
> We next need to add an automatic ping software to make this so that anyone can test it.
> And perhaps even a form so we can remove ourselves from the group.
> Idea: ping to add ourselves to the group. Use foaf+ssl to access a form to remove ourselves form the group. The people can see the difference between when they are in and when they are out.

finally caught up & whilst I'd like a chance to implement some pinging - 
I don't think this is the right use case.

Why do we have to go to all this trouble, when in each of our foaf's we 
could simply add the triple
   #me sioc:member_of <group> .
and be done with it?

If you want to leave the group, remove the triple.



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