[foaf-protocols] adding Ping to Simple WebID based Resource ACL

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Sat May 22 13:09:43 CEST 2010

On 21 May 2010, at 19:57, Nathan wrote:

> Story Henry wrote:
>> On 21 May 2010, at 12:50, mike amundsen wrote:
>>>> You're now added to the ACL list.
>>> and it works like a champ!
>> We next need to add an automatic ping software to make this so that anyone can test it.
>> And perhaps even a form so we can remove ourselves from the group.
>> Idea: ping to add ourselves to the group. Use foaf+ssl to access a form to remove ourselves form the group. The people can see the difference between when they are in and when they are out.
> finally caught up & whilst I'd like a chance to implement some pinging - I don't think this is the right use case.

We need a simple use case to test ping, and see that it works. This is a very simple
one to get started.

> Why do we have to go to all this trouble, when in each of our foaf's we could simply add the triple
>  #me sioc:member_of <group> .
> and be done with it?

And how will Kingsley's server know you are now a member of the group? Unless you ping him, he'd have to crawl the whole internt - an impossible task - to find your file.

Of course you could mail him, but that is not scalable.

The first step in any protocol always seems somewhat artificial. When the first telephone came out it certainly would have been easier to send the same message by pigeon, or mail, or event travel by horse to meet the person on the other end.

Here too, you could mail Kingsley, but we would like to automate it, so that we can test his setup in automatic ways, and in a transparent way.


> If you want to leave the group, remove the triple.
> Best,
> Nathan

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