[foaf-protocols] adding Ping to Simple WebID based Resource ACL

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Sat May 22 19:26:43 CEST 2010

On 22 May 2010, at 17:59, Nathan wrote:

>>>> internt - an impossible task - to find your file.
>>> it'd be in my foaf file, which he already needs to dereference and pull in to auth my foaf+ssl, so he'd already have the info.. :)
>> Ok, I see the smiley.  Let me answer nevertheless ignoring it. The above (without smiley) would be rather selfish position, as you would place
>> your own participation in the group above that of allowing new members to join.
>> Such selfishness is also self defeating, as you'd end up being in a group of only a few members.
>>> two sides to what I'm saying:
>>> If we're going to implement things I feel we should do the the 'Right Way' and creating a server side API (however basic) for something that doesn't actually need one, is, imho, not a good way to do the test implementation of a new technology (the ping process & onto) - any feedback which comes from it may not be expressly correct.
> I don't follow, because anybody in the world could join the group, or leave the group, by adding the same triple to their own foaf profile,

Please answer the following question:

How does the group know which are its members?
Or how does Kingsley's server know which are the members of the group?

You will find that unless the server knows about the foaf profile to check, it would have to do a complete crawl of the whole web to find out.

> nobody has control, no central service, everybody equal and fully in control of their own membership - surely?

No, everybody controls some piece. Having everybody control everything is a recipe for confusion. 

So Kingsley's server controls the group that gets access to the the ACLed picture.
Kingsley is kind enough to put just one condition on being a member of that group, to reduce spam: 
 1. you must add your membership to that group to your foaf
 2. you ping the group when you have done it.

> what am I missing here..

The elephant in the room?


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