[foaf-protocols] cert:pubic_key

Henry Story henry.story at bblfish.net
Mon Oct 4 12:23:24 CEST 2010

For a number of reasons it seems like a cert:public_key would be very 

- It would make it easier for people to write out the public_key in a 
    normal foaf file 
- It makes it much easier to find the public key given the WebID (which
  is what in the foaf+ssl protocol we all start from) for rdf stores that
  only index the subject, as I believe the ARC system does.
- The name itself makes a lot more sense, than cert:identity

Here then is the definition I propose

:public_key a rdf:Property;
    vs:term_status "unstable";
    rdfs:label "public_key"@en; 
    owl:inverseOf :identity;
    rdfs:comment """
      a relation from an agent to a public key for which he alone has 
      the private key. This public key identifies that agent, allows him
      to decrypt messages sent to him with that key, and is able to sign
      messages with it too.
    """ ;
   rdfs:domain foaf:Agent;
   rdfs:range :PublicKey .

I can also deprecate cert:identity (though I think we will need to support
it for the next year or so). 

  This will require us to rewrite all the examples on the wiki and in the
spec. We should do this as soon as possible before we get large numbers of
implementations deployed.

  Comments and votes appreciated.


Social Web Architect

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