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Op 3 sep 2010, om 11:42 heeft Melvin Carvalho het volgende geschreven:
> Of interest in UK government context... from The Register:
> Directgov has asked IT suppliers to come up with new thinking on identity verification. 
> The team, which is now within the Cabinet Office, has issued a pre-tender notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union, saying that it wants feedback on potential requirements for the public sector on all aspects of identity verification and authentication. This is particularly relevant to online and telephone channels, and the notice says the services include the provision of related software and computer services.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/02/directgov_id/ 

For those of you in SME's - and unused or who have never done an european tender response - do take note. PINs are special, especially for *you*. Especially for knowledge intensive SME's, hot experts and visionary folks.

Becaue such pre-tender notices (Search in TED.europe.eu for PIN ' 256217-2010' )* are generally a good hint that you both have a fair chance (meaning you are on par with the big guys and their frameworks) and a good hint you should start preparing and chatting to some of your peers to form a small adhoc group with enough skills to cover the whole area of the tender to expect. And because of the nature/thought processes leading to a PIN - you have a fair indication that the usual suspects and standing frameworks have already been explored somewhat - and are found lacking; or that the government is expecting them to come up short.


Dw (who is always happy to point people in the right direction or help an SME find the right partner).

*: and while you are at it - consider subscribing for a few weeks to area's of your interest - you may be surprized!
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