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On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 20:55, Henry Story <henry.story at bblfish.net> wrote:
> Welcome to the list !

Thanks, I've been following the project from a distance for quite a
while, have had my own foaf file up for about a year or so, so i'm not
completely green ^_~


> 1. <keygen>
>   for creating and updating public keys I think having a keygen aware
>  service is the best method. This allows integration in the browser as shown
>  by a couple of the videos such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iZPJBpI2Po
>  See how http://foaf.me/ does it, or http://webid.myxwiki.org which allows you
>  to have more than one key

I'm aware of <keygen>, my problem however is that if I host my foaf
file on server A, and I want to generate a keypair on server B, I have
to manually copy the PubKey from server B to server A. The same if I
view my foaf file on foaf.me, I want to edit it there and save the
changes instead of having to manually copy stuff over.


> 4. SPARQL Update - is probably the way to go in the longer term, but it requires the
>  server to be a lot more aware.

That may be a good option for the update format, but slightly on the
heavy side. As far as I know it doesn't solve the security issue
though in the case of server B updating server A.

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