[foaf-protocols] Fwd: openid4.me not working

Henry Story henry.story at bblfish.net
Sun Sep 12 11:52:30 CEST 2010


the spec states:

The meaning of the WebID URI is a graph of relations that is fetched by the Verification Agent either by dereferencing the WebID URI and extracting RDF data from the resulting document, or by utilizing a cached version of the RDF data contained in the document or other data source that is up-to-date and trusted by the Verification Agent. The processing mechanism is further detailed in the sections titled Processing the WebID Profile

So the site you log into can cache the information from your profile. That should both make the response a lot faster and allow for connections if the WebID Profile is unavailable.

( OpenID4.me could have a button where the user can refresh the cache btw, but that would be more for when attribute exchange is implemented )

The best solution would be to have a WebID for the browser itself. That would allow for WebID to work even if the whole internet were down and the only two machines that were running were yours and the one you are connecting to. I think this is possible with Opera, and Melvin mentioned that Peter Williams had tried it. I will try adding that Option to Clerezza for Opera users. That will make having multiples SANs really useful. A mobile, sometimes unavailable SAN, but always available one when connecting, and a long term reliable SAN always available.


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