[foaf-protocols] WebID Telecon Agenda - September 21st 2010, 1600 UTC

Nathan nathan at webr3.org
Mon Sep 20 05:02:09 CEST 2010

Is there an issue tracker hooked up to the mailing list / how are we 
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Manu Sporny wrote:
> Hi all,
> The fourth WebID telecon will be held this coming Tuesday, September
> 21st, 2010 at 1600 UTC. It is open to the public, so all are welcome to
> join or listen in. All audio for the meeting will be recorded so that
> those that cannot make the call will still be able to listen to the
> meeting at their leisure.
> If there are any changes or updates to the agenda, please send them to
> the mailing list before the telecon, or mention the request to add an
> item to the agenda at the beginning of the telecon.
> ==========
> WebID Telecon
> Tuesday, September 21st 2010
> Time: 1600 UTC, 9am San Francisco, 12pm Boston, 5pm London
> Digital Bazaar telecon bridge:
>    SIP: webid at voip.digitalbazaar.com
>    Phone US: +1.540.961.4469 x6301 (use as a last resort)
> IRC: irc://irc.freenode.net/#webid-ig
> Duration: 60 minutes
> ==========
> Agenda
> 1) WebID updates/news
> 2) WebID Errors and HTTP Status Codes
>    http://github.com/msporny/webid-spec/issues#issue/8
> 3) Easy cross-browser certificate transfer
>    http://github.com/msporny/webid-spec/issues#issue/4
> 4) WebFinger integration in the spec
>    http://github.com/msporny/webid-spec/issues/#issue/10
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Connecting via SIP
> SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is basically a way to
> make free voice calls over the Internet (VoIP). It's like Skype, with
> the main difference being that it is an open standard. To begin, get a
> SIP client:
> Blink (Mac OS X):
> http://icanblink.com/download.phtml
> Ekiga (Windows):
> http://ekiga.org/download-ekiga-binaries-or-source-code
> Linphone (Linux, iPhone, Android):
> http://www.linphone.org/eng/download/packages/
> You must make sure that you are not connected to any SIP providers to
> make the call. Ekiga will set you up with a SIP provider if you let it,
> just skip past this registration step if you can. To make sure you are
> not connected to any SIP providers in Ekiga, click Edit->Accounts. There
> should be no accounts listed. If there are accounts, the checkboxes for
> all accounts should be blank.
> To test to see if you can connect to the WebID SIP-based telecon, call
> this SIP address:
> webid at voip.digitalbazaar.com
> You should hear somebody say "Welcome to the WebID Working Group. This
> is a public working group...".
> You may test connecting to the telecon via SIP at any point between now
> and the call on Tuesday.
> -- manu

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