[foaf-protocols] The case for massive simplification and foaf:key

Nathan nathan at webr3.org
Tue Sep 21 03:27:48 CEST 2010

Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>   On 9/20/10 7:24 PM, Nathan wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've been discussing off-list with Melvin and various others over the
>> past few months about many future uses of webid, public keys and various
>> implications of the way we are currently doing things.
>> To start, here's the proposal:
>>    :me foaf:key "DER-formatted-public-key"^^xsd:base64Binary .
> :me foaf:publicKey "DER-formatted-public-key"^^xsd:base64Binary .
> Otherwise we just continue to overload "key" and perpetuate confusion 
> re. public and private keys re. PKI.

+1 fully agree and nice catch Kingsley.

aside: foaf:publicKey looks familiar, was it mentioned previously?

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