[foaf-protocols] WEBID: ISSUE-5 Move Github repository to WebID community-owned repository

Stéphane Corlosquet scorlosquet at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 21:48:18 CEST 2010

from http://github.com/msporny/webid-spec/issues#issue/5

We should determine whether or not we should move this repository to a WebID
> community-owned repository. One issue is that organizations aren't allowed
> to own more than one free account on Github. We may have to pay for github
> account.

One of the issue which we discussed in the third webid call 2 weeks ago [1]
was to move the webid-spec repository (along with the getwebid.org HTML
sources) to a neutral, community-owned github repository. I was making the
point that this should happen as soon as possible so there isn't too much
data to move around. Henry voiced an opinion about putting it off until the
next call (which was today). We were supposed to take a decision today, but
we ran out of time during the call. I'm still in favor of making this move


[1] http://getwebid.org/meetings/text/webid-telecon-20100907.txt
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