[foaf-protocols] its a rap; its a wrap; wrap and rest

Peter Williams home_pw at msn.com
Sun Jan 30 23:40:04 CET 2011

I dont really understand what threaded email is in world of web archivies or how I avoiding overwrite it somewhere. But, I hope that this doesnt happen when asking: is the "wrap" keyword used in wordpress blog's "connection to windows messenger" the WRAP scheme we discussed here once - the SSO token protocol for restful APIs?
Ok. folks can laugh, as I for the first time learn to "publicize" a blog entry, by having a blog command console not only mint a short URI but then post that URI to a status bar on a IM hub (MSN messenger, at it happens) that someone may be following. Obviously, thats a variant of the whole facehook/twitter flow that hooks up to mainstream media interests.
What was interesting was the psosible use of wrap (rather than OAUTH, say) as the means of getting posting rights on the messenger web service.
I can see a later version of the webid protocol evolving so that a session conducted under one linked set of handshakes is presented by the likes of wrap to another endpoint, that engages in another webid protocol run dealing with a different linked set of handshakes.
This is different in scope to simply having an algebra for composing proxied ssl handshakes, n chain links long. Now there is an SSO hop in the middle that jumps spaces: eg milnet space to internet space, or cloud A tenant A1 to cloud B tenant B1.
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