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Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 17:19:45 CEST 2011

see below - Evan will welcome thoughts about modelling etc, and we
really need to figure out how this stuff maps to the data Web, shall
we suck this in somewhere, do some crazy analysis?

Let me whip you with a little stick - this stuff is a damn sight more
federated/webbish than a lot of the semweb community has been.

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From: Evan Prodromou <evan.prodromou at gmail.com>
Date: 6 July 2011 19:45
Subject: OStatus 1.5
To: ostatus <ostatus-discuss at googlegroups.com>

...or 1.1 or 2.0 or NG. At the Federated Social Web summit in Berlin a
few weeks ago, I held an Open Space session about what we'd do for the
next version of OStatus. This is based on about a year's worth of
experience with Identi.ca and StatusNet as well as comments we've had
from implementers so far.

These are the items I noted for a next version:

1. Limited distribution ("privacy"). Currently we use PubSubHubbub for
distributing activities to subscribers. Although PuSH is a really nice
system, the "hub" in the middle makes it hard to limit distribution.
Ideally we'd like to add a layer that allows users to publish
activities that can only be read, or reacted to, by a limited number
of people. For example: only members of a group, only people directly
addressed (for StatusNet, this is "remote DM"), only people on a given
contact list (like Google Circles). There's a lot of work to do here;
I think we'll need to work with others concerned with PuSH.

2. Activity Streams JSON. This has become the "preferred" form of
Activity Streams, so we'd like to favour it in our structure as well.
There are some tricky parts here; I don't believe there's any support
for JSON in Salmon, so we'll need to work with the upstream spec
developers there, too. But I believe we'll move to JSON as a SHOULD
implement and Atom and RSS as a MAY implement.

3. Conversation tracking. One of the big complaints we get about
OStatus on StatusNet and identi.ca is that federation "breaks"
conversational context. That is, if A is subscribed to B, and B
publishes a photo, and C comments on that, A will see B's photo but
not C's comment. One idea here is using Atom threading extensions +
PuSH so that B's photo includes a comments feed, which A's server can
subscribe to, and thus get all activities related to the photo.
However, there doesn't seem to be a similar mechanism in Activity
Streams JSON, which means we'll need to make something up here.

4. Remote site UI. A user from identi.ca who is browsing through
evan.status.net can subscribe to my feed there. We have a mechanism
with Webfinger discovery of a Web endpoint that can be used to
initiate subscription. However, there are lots of things that people
are used to doing to social data on sites they're logged into that
they can't do on remote sites with OStatus: "fave" or "like", "repeat"
or "retweet" or "share", "reply". We'd like to set up a mechanism so
that a user from one service can browse a stream on another service
and interact directly.

These are the main pain points we've hit so far. Is there anything
we're missing here? I'd like to start addressing them to move to a
second version of OStatus, perhaps sometime in the fall.



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