[foaf-protocols] msft azure endpoint certs, including self-signed support

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Yes. The ODATA service in their data mart is excellent - being essentially
the same think with linq as we in realty do with something calls rets. But,
obviously their query model is a wee bit more powerful, and has full
metadata, full caching, full everthing. Also, it has a provisioning model
(and pricing, selection.)


Being ODATA over https, it can take a client cert..


Ive no doubt the odata server-side interceptor exists, and can be made to
ping your sparql server. Don't believe it would even need MSFT engineers.
Feels like an authorization attribute on the dispatcher  class., invoking
the claims authorization class that insists in the sparql call.


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On 3/1/11 3:35 PM, Peter Williams wrote: 

excellent "how to" article
one could have a million tenants with self-signed https endpoints,  if one
wants. One just uploads the .p12 file...
well done microsoft.
this article hints at but doesnt go into details that the azure tenants has
multiple cert stores (think tagged lists of cert:identity in the foaf card)
- some of which impact how client certs are addressed.
This is actually my mission - to get the azure endpoint to request and
consume a (self-signed) client cert via client authn. One can probably guess

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Microsoft groks the Data as a Service (DaaS) model as demonstrated via
Azure! Only issue is now,  is getting them to grok the power of WebID which
is a zero cost it -- bar platform lock-in obsession -- when it comes to
enhancing their DaaS offerings esp. the Data Market.

WebIDs render API keys obsolete too!

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