[foaf-protocols] looking back to 1988 for proof that cert existance in container => valid

peter williams home_pw at msn.com
Sun Mar 6 06:00:19 CET 2011

We can also see it here (albeit for 2011):




Semantically, its richer than merely testing for mere existence of cert in
container. There is also a match and find rule, mapping the cert (once
matched) onto an account field(s) found in the same directory entry.


Folks we really understand directory 1992 might be able to explain the
notion of sub-entries, which equate in some sense to #tagged graphs within a
foaf card, and have some interesting inheritcance and schema control models
in support.


Anyways , good news, since rarely does MSFT do something that is not on
solid IP grounds (i.e. well supported with modern IP, or the process/system
is just really ancient).


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