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On 3/7/11 1:40 PM, peter williams wrote:
> Revocation is best handled by "double" validation. Imagine that having don't
> VA process #1 using perl, the VA now asks Kingley's server for a second
> opinion. Kingley's server can be viewed as revocation server - that
> "qualifies" the validation of round #1. Only if 2 supporting channels
> support the original assertion is it inter-subjectively valid. If one
> extends this further, only if n supporting channels support the assertion
> (where the channels recommendations are mashed up using the GNU PGP trust
> albegra) is it valid.
> The trick for the packager is now to ensure that, like wintrust in windows,
> one can call back several different trust providers, from simple, to double,
> to complex (GNU PGP). Ideally, which one is used would be driven using the
> AppPolicies extension in the client cert (if present), overidable by the VA
> locally
Also note, my SPARQL endpoint itself can be WebID protected. Thus when 
doing this, I can set up an ACL for agents that can actually lookup my 
data in my particular data space :-)



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