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peter williams home_pw at msn.com
Sat Mar 12 20:56:17 CET 2011

You know, if you want to generate some sales, you want to extend the
validation engine of virtuoso  to include the WRAP token. Then anyone of a
million Azure ACS tenants can use an on-premise instance of the sparql
server, with client authenticating to its sparql endpoint via the websso
handoff chain. Oo -premise is relative, since anyone can how host any VM in
the azure cloud, these days. (id be interested in evaluating a packaged VM,
ready built for cloud hosting. as a working OS. with just a sparql endpoint


In the ACS SDK, samples, consult WCFAuthMgt sample code. It has the WRAP/SWT
token parser/hmac-validator  code, and shows how to receive the handoff from
ACS from the www-authorization header value relayed by the initiator. The
"token" format is just a query-string, with a mac on the end. Could not be
much simpler, at this point (unless one recodes that into json, I suppose).


Since the sparql server is being used as a SUPPORTING entity for webid
validators, it's as useful for the endpoint acting in this capability to
support _handoff tokens_  as receive webid assertions directly. Then it fits
into n-tier SOA used in the mainstream world, well, offloading work from the

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