[foaf-protocols] doing webid validation query, in Windows SP handling

Peter Williams home_pw at msn.com
Mon Mar 14 22:46:04 CET 2011

shows the .NET code which consumes a signed assertion, wanting to decide if its issuer is trusted.
Would be a good class simply reimpelment, using the standard SPARQL call used in webid land. Then SP validation of signed asserts would also be using the semweb to enumerate the trusted points in the namespace. 
Be even nicer is the semweb ontologies for certs could relate a webid (in a cert) to URI to that cert's .crt file(s)  on the web. Then, the web itself woud be what windows calls a cert store. From the webid, via foaf/rdf, one gets to the webid's associated .crt file.
Not very pure I know. But, very applied, and very useful. Also generates interest, and adoption. 		 	   		  
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