[foaf-protocols] Improvements for the ontology

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If any .NET capable programmer would like to build my windows project using
Visual Studio 2010 (free editions exist), let me know. It takes all the pain
out of the SSL half of the FOAF+SSL design.  Summaries of the code are at 







First, just build the Microsoft Azure AppFabric SDK samples (exactly as
Microsoft teach). Focus on the WCFAuthorization sample project, which shows
a rest https client talking to a rest https service, presenting a security
token (from a cloud IDP) in the www-authorization header. It's all ultra
webby (no SOAP, no XML, just pure HTTP). 


To make this into the FOAF+SSL demo platform, I can give a minor source
patch - pertinent once one has the standard project working. Someone with
advanced RDF/FOAF skills should be able to really leverage it (now I've made
the SSL and certs parts easy) to provide the core semantic web value add.
All my code does is offload all that to a uriburner service (which generates
and performs the queries, thus doing what the semantic web is all about).


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I went a little further today coding my simple https client and https
server; both simple command-line processes. In some senses, they are trivial
versions of openssl's ssl client and ssl server tools. 


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