[foaf-protocols] ResourceMe - webid component

bergi bergi at axolotlfarm.org
Thu Mar 17 23:52:19 CET 2011


Currently I'm rewriting ResourceMe, because I wanted a more modular code
base. The first module I have finished is the login-webid component.
It's very small and doesn't depend on other software than built-in PHP
functions. I have splitted the code into two parts: The webid specific
code and commons, which contains more generic classes like http client,
rdf parser (ARC2 compatible but doesn't require required description
tags for nested triples!), and triples store. For the RDF query I'm
using my own filter api, not SPARQL, to keep the code size and
complexity small. As usual the code can be used under the terms of the
GPL. Would be nice I you would give me some feedback if you find bugs,
think there is a feature missing, etc.

the bergi



ResourceMe project:

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