[foaf-protocols] another webid app idea : opera unite, faxing, and webid

Kingsley Idehen kidehen at openlinksw.com
Wed Mar 23 13:01:38 CET 2011

On 3/23/11 6:13 AM, peter williams wrote:
> Marshall Rose got into trouble from the old AT&T at the outset of the 
> commercial internet, by showing how easy it was to replace the fax 
> machine -- with an internet listener and a printer. The old telcos 
> quickly got that regulated out of existence by US govt.
> But, with opera unite, one can have the same thing. Can one imagine 
> opera unite exposing an endpoint that represents the user's browser's 
> default printer? If one sends a uri to that endpoint, the opera 
> browser pulls the file and prints it locally (like a fax machine).
> Obviously, the untrustworthy web will do its normal thing, and spam 
> will flow rapidly. So, it needs closing down. Only if as the fax-ing 
> party one uses one's webid to authenticates to that fax-endpoint will 
> it do its fax-thing. The endpoint considers the actual printing-user's 
> foaf card's friends list to authorize the webid's allowed to invoke 
> webid-based "faxing". Your webid URI has to be in the foaf group 
> called "canfax".
> Way beyond my skills, of course. I'm still trying to get client certs 
> to work at azure-hosted site! It doesn't really need a UML diagram.
> I don't think things need to particularly complex to showcase that it 
> works. We don't need to counter OAUTH, or convince openid, or defeat 
> the evil PKI, or sing the W3C anthem "we shall overcome" the RSA 
> patent (that expired a decade ago, not that some folks seemed to have 
> noticed yet). We just make a useful faxer, using foaf and ssl. FOAF 
> and its logical apparatus will then speak for themselves.
> So, it there is 1 thing that Opera browser could do.... It is: make 
> the Opera Unite apparatus be able to consume a client cert and then 
> consult its foaf card for the pubkey, when guarding an endpoint.

Opera unite is a great example of functionality that WebID will enhance 
via Resource ACLs. It also provides an example of consumerWeb.vNext.

If Opera gets on board with WebID they will have a serious advantage 
over the other browsers.

Anyone from Opera lurking on this mailing list?

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