[foaf-protocols] small window of foaf opportunity in realty

Kingsley Idehen kidehen at openlinksw.com
Tue Nov 1 00:43:58 CET 2011

On 10/31/11 2:43 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> On 10/29/11 6:06 PM, Peter Williams wrote:
>> I want to reference foaf cards sitting on user's websites, somehow, 
>> and bring them into realty. The only thing I can think of doing 
>> (which doesnt require removing the website's current membership 
>> system, and replacing with with foaf) is to let a particular webby 
>> document we produce (an RSS stream) point "suitably" to a foaf card, 
>> so one might use webby tools to learn more about the "author" 
>> associated with that stream.
>> If this doesnt make any sense, I can give up. Im hoping that RSS and 
>> foaf has some conventions, so I describe authors of items by 
>> leveraging the foaf infrastructure.  Thus, the web can 'augment" the 
>> realty-managed membership records about folk, with user-controlled 
>> content from the web itself.
>> Remember, Im not trying to redesign the web, adopt a new paradigm, or 
>> fight the holy war against X.509 and CAs and replace them with the 
>> PGP trust model. Im trying to apply a foaf card, assuming some 1000 
>> persons are running a server much like openlink offers, exporting 
>> foaf/webid URIs.
>> Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 13:16:02 -0400
>> From: kidehen at openlinksw.com
>> To: foaf-protocols at lists.foaf-project.org
>> Subject: Re: [foaf-protocols] small window of foaf opportunity in realty
>> On 10/29/11 12:24 PM, Peter Williams wrote:
>> >  Ideally, there will be feed reader out there, considering such author elements of syndicationItems, that can do good stuff with the kind of a person XML element that hooks up well to foaf cards, using whatever conventions folks have formulated over the last decade.
>> Given an object with the following characteristics (properties or
>> attribute=value pairs coalescing around object id in graph pictorial form):
>> 1. AttributeExtensions -- Gets (resolves to) the element extensions for
>> the SyndicationPerson.
>> 2. ElementExtensions -- Gets (resolves to) the element extensions for
>> the SyndicationPerson.
>> 3. Email -- Gets  (resolves to) or sets  the e-mail address of the
>> SyndicationPerson.
>> 4. Name -- Gets (resolves to) or sets the name of the SyndicationPerson.
>> 5. URI -- Gets (resolves to) or sets the URI of the SyndicationPerson.
>> What is it that you seek from the blob (data object) outlined above re.
>> FOAF? Do you want the FOAF profile document URI in #5? Do you want to
>> transform this data object into a FOAF profile object?
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Kingsley Idehen	
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> Peter,
> I understand what you seek re. painless integration with what exists etc..
> Let's just get some clarity re. what you are seeking re. integration 
> of WebID into RSS feeds etc..
> You mention xmlsig, this handles signing of the payload in a 
> verifiable manner. Thus, you are looking at a process of signed RSS 
> that can also (possibly) perform the WebID verification as part of 
> signature processing, right? We already do similar augmentation re. 
> OpenID, S/MIME, and will even do so re. iPSec etc..


Revisiting the RSS spec, note the existence of a "guid" element. This is 
a nice slot for a URI that could resolve to the description of a 
foaf:Agent, if you so choose. Depending on what you seek, this could 
even enable an RSS resource host the URI used in the SAN of an x.509 
cert. with WebID verification protocol in mind.


-- RSS spec.



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