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On 26 Nov 2011, at 21:52, Kingsley Idehen wrote:

>> Now, to the microformat variant. in the contrasting RDFA case of foaf markup, all I did was set the doctype, and html element namespace headers in a blogger template. What do I do to tell the world of microformat clients that the resulting HTML is microformat ready?
> If Microformat means Microdata, re. comments above, then nothing; especially if we actually expose people to the fact that Microdata and RDFa can have equal billing re. WebID and "mirrored claim" representation via EAV/SPO graph pictorials . 
>> can i hope that the microformat page parsers are available in native dotnet libraries? 
> There's a high possibility that such exist in .NET realm. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! are the guys behind Schema.org which is based on HTML5 Microdata. 

Why are you trying to get Peter to do things not according to spec, Kinglsey?  We have a spec that currently asks for RDFa and rdf/xml. Are we such a strong group that we can already mess up our interoperability even with so few users?

RDFa can be discussed. Currently the people who have been participating on this list have been very much in favour of rdfa it seems, since that is how those got into the spec.

I think the rdfa/microformat debate is not finished either even in the HTML5 working group. 

Here is an interesting comparison btw between micro data and RDFa


Now I have not studied that enough to be able to decide which is best, but  I think we might as well continue with RDFa 
for the moment as the second encoding, because we have all succeeded in getting that to work, as far as I can tell.


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