[foaf-protocols] using windows to mint web id credentials,

Mo McRoberts mo.mcroberts at bbc.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 20:55:56 CET 2011

Ignoring all of the rest of the e-mail (because I haven’t read it properly yet…)

On 27 Nov 2011, at 17:09, Peter Williams wrote:

> Concerning the self-signed mantra that dominates your tool design,

Hmm, in this instance it's only self-signed because that's the quickest way to generate a WebID on the Mac. Look at the other options in first image I posted — you can just as easily generate a CSR containing the subjectAltName rather than a self-signed cert (and on the other side, sign the request and spit out a cert, and e-mail it/upload it/whatever).


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