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Emails like this are FAR more annoying that the original delito. "We" dont care about how "you" organize "your" reading. We dont care how the internet and web is SUPPOSED to work. We are not interested in the W3C priestly caste having an Eunuchs fit over propriety. We dont care about archiving and conserving the intellectual content here for posterity (its not worth it...) We keep saying that the web is about unstructured data whose cues enable intelligent agents to prepare the view of the world to suit the particular user. Well, do it. Live it. The biggest problem I have with adopting any social web stuff is that it tends to be a bell and/or whistle delivered as a nice-to-have alongside very well established conventions, once it comes down to it. And, the big win (unstructured data whose...) is not delivered. What I saw happening with the W3C working groups use of IRC and its "intelligent agent" during meetings makes me want to run as far away from the word of web groupware, as envisioned by W3C design ethos, as I can. That is what I dont want (endless time wasted, as folks learn ornate commands from the 1960s, properly and "obviously" named only if you spent 5 years thinking about what to name something...) I ranted. Its annoying seeing the only thing that excited folks in 12 months of webid workd was what to name the stupid field in a file.     > From: henry.story at bblfish.net
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> On 14 Oct 2011, at 16:27, Dominik Tomaszuk wrote:
> > On 14.10.2011 15:30, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> >> public_exponent ->  exponent?
> > +1
> The way to start a new thread is by opening a brand new empty e-mail and then entering a new
> title. Then it most mail readers you get a new thread id, meaning that people can follow the conversation
> better.
> Henry
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