[foaf-dev] Proposal: deprecate pastProject and currentProject

Toby Inkster tai at g5n.co.uk
Mon Dec 14 14:34:04 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 13:32 +0100, Dan Brickley wrote:
> Given this inevitable burden, ie. that sometimes we have information
> couched in terms of IDs for things, sometimes indirectly via other
> IDs, what can we do about it? One strand of thinking common in the
> tbd: URI scheme, foaf:primaryTopic property, and this hashbang
> suggestion, is that we can avoid needless fragmentation (er sorry for
> the pun) of information if we have some common conventions for making
> identifiers for things out of identifiers for documents; and for
> detecting those conventions when they're used by others. 

The problem with #!! is that it subverts the naming authority. If I'm
publishing an RDF document to a domain that I own, *I* get to choose
what fragment IDs mean.

Toby A Inkster
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