[foaf-dev] FOAF spec updated

Alexandre Passant alexandre.passant at deri.org
Tue Dec 15 19:34:47 CET 2009


On 15 Dec 2009, at 18:12, Libby Miller wrote:

> These are the changes made:
> 	• terms: foaf:Agent owl:equivalentClass with Dublin Core terms  
> namespace 'Agent'; similarly foaf:maker and 'creator' from DC. These  
> use the most modern http://purl.org/dc/terms/ namespace
> 	• editorial: added note about the use of 'archaic'
> 	• editorial: added a paragraph on changes in this version
> 	• terms: family_name marked as archaic; replaced with familyName
> 	• terms: marked fundedBy as archaic
> 	• terms: marked givenname as archaic; replaced with givenName
> 	• terms: marked holdsAccount as archaic; replaced with account

SIOC spec has been updated accordingly, sioc:account_of now being inverse of foaf:account



> 	• terms: changed myersBriggs from incorrect objectProperty to  
> datatypeProperty
> 	• terms: added openId into the rdf/xml version (it was present in the  
> dated version but not in index.rdf)
> 	• terms: marked theme as archaic
> 	• editorial: fixed outdated references to RDF/XML
> 	• editorial: updated acknowledgements
> 	• terms: added text about terms used in foaf not in the foaf namespace
> 	• editorial: fixed links and stray references to rdfweb-dev and #rdfig
> 	• editorial: fixed rdfweb.org blog links (now pointing at archive.org  
> where possible)
> 	• editorial: fixed links to the wiki (stray /w/)
> 	• editorial: fixed internal link to sec-glance
> 	• editorial: fixed copyright date to 2009
> We went for low-hanging fruit and focused on getting the toolset in a  
> more useful state. We expect to do another revision in the near future  
> (you wait two years for a rev and two come along at once!). There are  
> certainly things still needing work, and quite likely bugs around the  
> mechanics of publication (content negotiation, redirects etc.). But  
> we're happy to have this thing moving again!
> The issues page is updated: http://wiki.foaf-project.org/w/IssueTracker#Recent
> Libby and Dan
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