[foaf-dev] New FOAF properties

Bruce Whealton bruce at whealton.info
Tue Sep 6 12:28:19 CEST 2011

           I was looking at how some folks are using FOAF on Semantic 
MediaWiki sites and found some properties that are not on the spec, even 
listed as experimental or testing.  Some others I've seen but I'm unclear in 
reading the spec how to use the class or property.
We have class foaf:Image which is used with thumbnail, depiction or img. 
So, which should one use, img, or depiction or thumbnail?  I can see the 
difference between thumbnail and the other two but I'm not sure when to use 
img versus depiction.  Oh, and there is also logo which I guess would be 
more related to a business.
         Next with the deprecation of holdsAccount and it being replaced 
with account.  Can someone demonstrate the structure of how this would be 
used with a facebook  or delicious account - presenting it in RDF/XML.  For 
example, I have the following for my delicious account.
     <foaf:accountServiceHomepage rdf:resource="http://del.icio.us"/>

To change that to use <foaf:account> do I just remove foaf:holdsAccount and 
foaf:OnlineAccount, and nest the next two lines inside <foaf:account> like 
<foaf:accountServiceHomepage rdf:resource="http://del.icio.us"/>

Continuing... foaf:Class, I don't see that.
foaf:interest and foaf:topic_interest - what’s the difference?
foaf:made versus foaf:webpage, foaf:weblog, and it's use with foaf:Project?
surname vs family_name?

That should be it.

Has anyone used the cv vocabulary for resumes?  It is interesting that it 
doesn't setup a cv or resume as a property of the person.  So, while the 
vocab has a reference to foaf, there is no statement about how to match up a 
foaf:Person with a CV.

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