[foaf-dev] FOAF Press was FOAF Properties

Bruce Whealton bruce at whealton.info
Sat Sep 10 09:53:56 CEST 2011

          What a coincidence.  I was watching this great video on using 
Drupal and the SPARQL modules that exist.  Lin Clark was talking about using 
Kasabi and that was what I was considering to do.  I was wondering how hard 
that is to do.
          I am a bit unclear on how to do this redirect rule or rules. 
Sorry for my ignorance but you said use a Describe <{request_uri}> query - 
do you mean a Sparql query?  But the redirect needs to happen on the server, 
right, using Apache and the .htaccess file.  Or a different file.
         Can you or anyone tell me how I could get a better handle on this, 
please.  It was a question that I had about installing FOAFpress too.
            It might not be an issue.  If my files were created in more than 
one tool, one of which being Top Braid Composer.  All of them are in RDF/XML 
and they all exist as RDF/XML on the server or the file structure could be 
uploaded to kasabi.  All the URIs do dereference to RDF/XML files.  So, they 
are all full URIs, following the guidelines for Linked Data.  The only thing 
I didn't do yet is to create html files.  So, the server doesn't have to 
decide which version of the file to send, there is only one, the RDF/XML 
           Still, I'd like to learn more.
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From: Keith Alexander
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> This might be off topic but I had accumulated genealogy files that use 
> BIO and REL, the latter two are extended from FOAF.  Is there a place to
> publish such data for others to find it.  I guess, though, the idea of the
> Semantic Web is that it doesn't matter where it is because we are talking
> about a Giant Global Graph.  But how do I get a Sparql endpoint?

Hi Bruce

Have you seen http://beta.kasabi.com/ ? It is a 'data marketplace'
built by Talis (who I work for) that lets you create a dataset and
upload RDF to it, and gives you a SPARQL endpoint and various other

To publish the RDF as Linked Data, you obviously need to make the URIs
dereference to RDF; you can do this in several ways, eg:
*  set up a redirect rule (or rules)  from the server your domain
points to, to (for example) a DESCRIBE <{request_uri}> query
* OR mint your URIs in the namespace of your kasabi store
* OR install on your server some software (there are several such
projects) that takes incoming requests and publishes the data for that
URI from your SPARQL endpoint



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