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Keith Alexander k.j.w.alexander at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 12:43:01 CEST 2011

Hi Bruce,

On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 8:53 AM, Bruce Whealton <bruce at whealton.info> wrote:
> Keith,
>         What a coincidence.  I was watching this great video on using Drupal
> and the SPARQL modules that exist.  Lin Clark was talking about using Kasabi
> and that was what I was considering to do.  I was wondering how hard that is
> to do.

Not too hard - for if you have a bunch of small (ie, web-page sized)
RDF documents, you can just upload the files individually through the
kasabi website.

>         I am a bit unclear on how to do this redirect rule or rules. Sorry
> for my ignorance but you said use a Describe <{request_uri}> query - do you
> mean a Sparql query?


> But the redirect needs to happen on the server, right,
> using Apache and the .htaccess file.

Yes. But if your RDF is already published as Linked Data, you don't
need to do this. My suggestion was that if you had a SPARQL endpoint
with your data, but the URIs didn't dereference, you could
rewrite/redirect a request for  those URIs to a SPARQL query for
triples with the requested URI as a subject.

> Or a different file.
>        Can you or anyone tell me how I could get a better handle on this,
> please.  It was a question that I had about installing FOAFpress too.

I hadn't looked at foafpress before, but it looks like a really nice
project, and the eye candy was so pretty I tried it, and also found
the documentation not so clear on the last step  (where to put the RDF
files so that foafpress can find them), but I figured it out in the
end and put the way I did it on the project wiki

>           It might not be an issue.  If my files were created in more than
> one tool, one of which being Top Braid Composer.  All of them are in RDF/XML
> and they all exist as RDF/XML on the server or the file structure could be
> uploaded to kasabi.  All the URIs do dereference to RDF/XML files.  So, they
> are all full URIs, following the guidelines for Linked Data.
>  The only thing
> I didn't do yet is to create html files.  So, the server doesn't have to
> decide which version of the file to send, there is only one, the RDF/XML
> file.
>          Still, I'd like to learn more.
> Thanks,
> Bruce
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> Subject: Re: [foaf-dev] FOAF Press was FOAF Properties
>> This might be off topic but I had accumulated genealogy files that use
>> FOAF,
>> BIO and REL, the latter two are extended from FOAF.  Is there a place to
>> publish such data for others to find it.  I guess, though, the idea of the
>> Semantic Web is that it doesn't matter where it is because we are talking
>> about a Giant Global Graph.  But how do I get a Sparql endpoint?
> Hi Bruce
> Have you seen http://beta.kasabi.com/ ? It is a 'data marketplace'
> built by Talis (who I work for) that lets you create a dataset and
> upload RDF to it, and gives you a SPARQL endpoint and various other
> APIs.
> To publish the RDF as Linked Data, you obviously need to make the URIs
> dereference to RDF; you can do this in several ways, eg:
> *  set up a redirect rule (or rules)  from the server your domain
> points to, to (for example) a DESCRIBE <{request_uri}> query
> * OR mint your URIs in the namespace of your kasabi store
> http://beta.kasabi.com/doc/api/linked-data
> * OR install on your server some software (there are several such
> projects) that takes incoming requests and publishes the data for that
> URI from your SPARQL endpoint
> Keith

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