[foaf-dev] FOAF Press was FOAF Properties

Michael Haschke haschek at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 11 13:24:00 CEST 2011

Hi Bruce,

2011/9/10 Bruce Whealton <bruce at whealton.info>:
>          I am a bit confused about how to install FOAFPress.  Step 3 is
> confusing to me.  How do you tell it that if a request is made for a RDF
> file that one should rout it to FOAFPress?  Does it then give back html
> files?  And what does it mean if the Request is for RDF?

Thx for testing Foafpress! I don't know if someone here is bothered
that foaf-dev is used to discuss problems with Foafpress. If yes
(anyone, pls write what you think about discussing detailed stuff not
straight releated to the development of the FOAF vocabulary), then you
can write me a personal email, use the issue tracker [1] (even a bad
documentation is a bug :) ), or write a message to the Foafpress
mailing list [2].

Step 3 is just the configuration of the Apache mod_rewrite rules, like
this is common with a lot of other web apps. All requests in the path
tree, with the location of the Foafpress .htaccess as root, are going
to be answered via Foafpress. Foafpress will use the requested URI to
check for RDF documents, and if they are accessible for Foafpress it
will deliver it to the client. Content negotiation will be done by
Foafpress, so if a client is requesting a rdf document (e.g. as RDFXML
or Turtle), Foafpress will deliver it, if a client is requesting HTML,
Foafpress will deliver a HTML document with nice CSS styles.

[1] https://github.com/haschek/Foafpress/issues
[2] foafpress at librelist.com


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