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If anyone takes a look, please share your findings...


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From: Marko Rodriguez
Date: Sunday, 25 September 2011
Subject: [Furnace] Introducing a Property Graph Algorithms Package
To: gremlin-users at googlegroups.com

For many months, the TinkerPop community has been trying to realize the best
way to go about providing a graph analysis package to the TinkerPop stack (
http://bit.ly/qCMlcP ). With the increased flexibility and power of Pipes
and the partitioning of Gremlin into multiple JVM languages, we feel that
the stack is organized correctly now to support Furnace -- A Property Graph
Algorithms Package.
( https://github.com/tinkerpop/furnace/wiki if the domain hasn't propagated
to your DNS yet )
The project is currently just stubbed, but overtime you can expect the
ability to evaluate standard (and non-standard) graph analysis algorithms
over Blueprints-enabled graphs in a way that respects explicit and implicit
associations in the graph. In short, it will implement the ideas articulated
This will be possible due to Pipes and the ability to represent abstract
relationships using Pipes, Gremlin_groovy (and the upcoming Gremlin_scala).
Moreover, while more thought is needed, there will be a way to talk at the
Frames-levels (http://frames.tinkerpop.com) and thus, calculate graph
algorithms according to one's domain model. Ultimately, in time, as Furnace
develops, we will see a Rexster-Kibble that supports the evaluation of
algorithms via Rexster.
While the project is still developing, please feel free to contribute ideas
and/or participate in the development process. To conclude, we hope people
are excited about the promises that Furnace will bring by raising the
processing abstraction level above the imperative representations of
Thank you,
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