[foaf-protocols] spkac test implementation in Java

Story Henry henry.story at bblfish.net
Sun Jan 4 23:32:35 CET 2009

Over the weekend I put together a really basic java servlet to  
implement spkac.

You can try it with

$ svn checkout https://sommer.dev.java.net/svn/sommer/trunk sommer -- 
username guest
$ cd trunc/misc/FoafServer
$ ant run

this will start the server

then in the browser open www/spkacForm.html

And after filling it out, it should add a cert to Firefox.
This does not seem to work with Safari I just noticed.

The next thing to do would be of course to add the created certificate  
to a
local RDF database, so that HTTPS gets to the created URL return the  
public key rdf info.

Also currently it requests the client certificate because the web  
server is set up for the CheckClient servlet, which does need the  
client cert.
CreateCertSPKAC does not. So I have the same problem here that Melvin  
has with his php code.


Blog: http://blogs.sun.com/bblfish

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