[foaf-protocols] Kanatara initiative on identity

Simon Reinhardt simon.reinhardt at koeln.de
Wed Jun 17 19:06:01 CEST 2009


Wow this gets quite confusing. :-)
I heard they wanted to found something 2 months ago but there was no name given then. So the Liberty Alliance founded the Concordia Project initiative and then the Liberty Alliance, the Concordia Project and others found the Kanatara initiative? If they really want to unify things, they should stop founding new groups all the time. :-)

Anyway, I think this and other initiatives are a great chance to advertise for FOAF+SSL. For example it's not mentioned on http://wiki.idcommons.net/Identity_Landscape yet. I think it should be brought to their attention. :-)


Story Henry wrote:
> Just thought this could be of interest, as social networks are  
> consumers of identity
> http://www.digitalidnews.com:80/2009/06/17/kantara-initiative-officially-launches
> [[
> Members of the global identity and Internet communities announced the  
> launch of Kantara Initiative, a new global organization formed to  
> bridge enterprise, Web 2.0 and Web-based identity initiatives.
> Kantara Initiative has been founded by the Concordia Project, Data  
> Portability Project, Information Card Foundation, Internet Society,  
> Liberty Alliance, OpenLiberty.org and XDI.org to collaborate on  
> eliminating the barriers that exist in the global identity sector.
> The Kantara Initiative has been established based on a bicameral  
> governance model where the Board of Trustees and Leadership Council  
> work hand-in-hand as peers in steering the direction of the  
> organization. Roger Sullivan, vice president Oracle Identity  
> Management, has been elected president of the 2009 Kantara Initiative  
> Board of Trustees and J. Trent Adams, outreach specialist, trust &  
> identity, Internet Society, has been elected chair of the Leadership  
> Council.
> Initial Board of Trustee members include AOL, BT, CA, Intel, Internet  
> Society, Fidelity Investments, Novell, NRI, NTT, Oracle, PayPal and  
> Sun Microsystems. Representatives from Intel and the New Zealand  
> government have Leadership Council seats on the Board of Trustees.
> ]]
> I am not endorsing that, just something to watch out for
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