[foaf-protocols] [foaf-dev] revisiting FOAF project goals

Matthew Rowe m.rowe at dcs.shef.ac.uk
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I concur with what Dave has said here, particularly regarding the need  
to explicitly define topics of relationships and associated trust  

I think that the latter issue (assigning trust values to  
relationships) as this appears to becoming especially important now  
that work within the Semantic Web community is moving towards trust.

On 24 Jun 2009, at 03:31, Dave Brondsema wrote:

> I initially became interested in FOAF when I found it as a  
> decentralized
> way to declare relationships, especially since some social network
> providers already exported FOAF data.  That was several years ago  
> when I
> was working on Konfidi, a senior project at school:  http://konfidi.org/
> I still put some time into working on it and want Konfidi to become
> truly useful for filtering email and blog spam, and more.  Its  
> progress
> has been pretty slow though, since it's just one of many side projects
> for me.
> For Konfidi, I've ended up deciding that using existing foaf:knows
> relations is great, but we also have our own Relationship class so we
> can add topics and trust amounts to the relationship.
> For practical purposes, I'm mainly interested in the major providers
> that produce FOAF data, and those that have xfn microformat data.   
> While
> many of us write our own FOAF files, the public can't be expected to  
> do
> so, nor even know what FOAF is really.  One part of Konfidi will be a
> webapp where you can log in with openid and declare some of your
> relationships.  That would create the RDF for them, but all they'd  
> know
> is they're using the Konfidi system, nothing about FOAF or RDF.
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