[foaf-protocols] FOAF+SSL (Java) release 0.3.1

Bruno Harbulot Bruno.Harbulot at manchester.ac.uk
Fri May 29 18:39:50 CEST 2009


We've just tagged release 0.3.1 for the FOAF+SSL code available in the 
Sommer project. This matches the code in revision 498 in the trunk: 

There are 3 Maven artefacts in this release:
- foafssl-verifier: the classes require to verify the FOAF+SSL WebID.
- foafssl-filter: a Servlet filter that verifies the client certificate 
and puts the principal in the request.
- foafssl-checkclient-webapp: the IdP for doing the redirection (this 
includes the version that signs the assertion, as deployed on foafssl.org).

The foafssl-principals module that was in release 0.3 has been removed 
and the principals are now in foafssl-verifier.

These Maven artifacts have also been deployed on the Java.net Maven 
repository (which you may need to configure in your settings.xml or 
      <name>Java.net Repository for Maven</name>

To use the foafssl-verifier, for example, you can use:

For those who don't use Maven, the jars are available directly from:
(You would need to get the dependencies manually in this case, in 
particular the Sesame jars.)

Version 0.3.1 does not have the log-out feature based on Tomcat 7 and 
does not have the good looking IdP graphics as posted a few days ago on 
the users at sommer list (although this is welcome for the next release).
The trunk is now labelled with version '0.3.2-SNAPSHOT'.

Best wishes,


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