[foaf-protocols] Structured Secure Messaging over FOAF

Kingsley Idehen kidehen at openlinksw.com
Mon Sep 14 17:26:35 CEST 2009

Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> I've been thinking a bit more about structured messaging over FOAF.
> This is the model that I think could work.
> Underlying FOAF
> ==============
> FOAF could be structured in 3 "layers"
> 1. Raw Data (RDF)
> 2. WOT Data
> 3. Access Control Data
> In this way you have a visible set of structured data that is
> available for other agents to view, and to allows you to endorse
> certain statements and also to provide permissions.
> Each layer is built on top of the other (I put WOT at level 2, because
> i think you may want to access control that too, and also this will
> become important for the social web to have trust and self healing)
> Authentication
> ============
> This can be done securely with SSL/Cookie/Shared Secrets, either
> client server, or server to server
> Messaging
> =========
> I see this as being the value add part of the system, once you've
> built out the secure structured components above.  I would suggest
> SPARUL as a messaging system as this will allow the richness creating
> a set of triples to have virtually any meaning.
> Some care must be taken in the ordering of messages because they are
> likely to be asynchronous and both agents may not always be online.
> Therefore, a queuing mechanism will normally be built in.
> Additionally an approvals and notifications system will normally be a
> policy to present users with an approve/reject button in certain
> instances (a good example of an implementation this is adding a friend
> to your roster in IM systems)
> Some of this stuff will need more fleshing out, but I think that this
> model could form a pretty good infrastructure for secure structured
> messaging (and trust) on the web.
> Did I miss anything?
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In some cases there should we a higher level messaging protocol for 
known activities, examples would include:

1. Acquaintance Network Contruction  -- what everyone does across 
Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing etc.. with Group smarts etc..



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