[foaf-protocols] first implementation of foaf+ssl for Drupal

Alexandre Passant alexandre.passant at deri.org
Wed Sep 30 14:46:07 CEST 2009


On 30 Sep 2009, at 13:08, Story Henry wrote:

> Damien Tournoud from http://af83.com in Paris implemented foaf+ssl for
> Drupal this weekend in under 24 hours.
> The code is currently here:
> 	 http://github.com/damz/foafssl-drupal/

Great !

> and it is running here:
> 	http://foaf.damz.org/
> Damien tells me there is still some work to do packaging this
> correctly for Drupal, and removing the dependency on openssl, for
> parsing the ASN.1 certificate. He has nearly finished  writing an ASN.
> 1 parser in php for that, which should be useful for all the other php
> apps.
> 	If other people are here with Drupal experience it may be worth
> asking Damien how you can help test this code, improve the user
> interface, and more. I'll keep you posted.

I've just tested it with my certificate (based on my RDFa profile) and  
it works fine.
However, I have yet to create an account and a password, is that a  
step that could be skipped (e..g. automatically generating a login  
based on the URI and a random pass, in case Drupal absolutely needs it.)



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