[foaf-protocols] first implementation of foaf+ssl for Drupal

Peter Williams home_pw at msn.com
Wed Sep 30 17:23:52 CEST 2009

Out of interest:

1. if the resource authority web client is configured with an https proxy
(when de-referencing an https-form webid), can/should the client issue a
CONNECT to create the (ssl) tunnel between proxy and web server of the
claimant's foaf file?

Presumably, it's up to the operator of the proxy providing the ssl tunnel's
client endpoint to configure (per subscriber?) which trust anchors are
valid, decide if server cert _chains_ are handled (or not), decide to
implement the dns validation checks (or not) on the server EE cert (vs
socket info).

2. What rule set was used in the resource server's sparql server to walk the
trust path from the resource server's webid to the claimant's webids?

In 24h, presumably one borrowed some or other existing open source rule set
or library of sparql queries useful for walking the naming graph.

Id foresee a hosted "trust broker" model evolving here, where those with
webids (be they resource authorities or claimants) can access a sparql
server hosted by a TTP over https (or foaf+ssl!) to access that subscriber's
"profiled" ruleset (i.e. algorithm) for trust chaining.

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Damien Tournoud from http://af83.com in Paris implemented foaf+ssl for  
Drupal this weekend in under 24 hours.

The code is currently here:


and it is running here:


Damien tells me there is still some work to do packaging this  
correctly for Drupal, and removing the dependency on openssl, for  
parsing the ASN.1 certificate. He has nearly finished  writing an ASN. 
1 parser in php for that, which should be useful for all the other php  

	If other people are here with Drupal experience it may be worth  
asking Damien how you can help test this code, improve the user  
interface, and more. I'll keep you posted.


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